The vine, a plant in the family of the creepers, is one of the few plants which requires an attentive care all the year round.

The preparation of the soil, the planting, the grafting and the pruning are essential works to be performed. The tools used for those purposes have surprisingly little changed along the centuries. : spades, hoes, though of different shapes and size already existed in the Roman times.

The museum has a beautiful collection of grafting knives, but
also of billhooks, shears and secateurs with sometimes
surprising and odd shapes.

The crushing of the grapes in the ancient times is recalled
by a vast number of tools in wood or iron arranged
close to a very old press

An impressive collection of pumps, either manual, mechanical
or electrical thoroughly restored, illustrate the numerous
operation of airing, decanting and changing of vats, tanks
and barrels occurring during the vinification process and
before the bottling.

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